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At Scorch we have created an innovative workout experience that is unparalleled to anything else on the market. With our ESP approach you will get a total body workout that energizes, strengthens and balances your body while burning fat and building lean muscle mass.


At Scorch we pride ourselves in the ability to modify all workouts for any ability level. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone who is taking their first steps into the gym we are able to customize our program to fit YOUR needs.

YOUR workout is OUR workout! We promise to show you the fastest and safest way to reach your goals.


When you work out with Scorch, your metabolism increases so you can torch calories even when you’re not working out. You will also...

- Burn stubborn fat
- Build lean and toned muscles
- Improve athletic performance
- Create balance throughout your body


Endurance + Strength + Power = Scorch’s High Intensity Interval Program


the fat burning zone
Cardiovascular components of the program will push you into the fat burning zone so you can burn calories and torch fat during your workout.


build lean muscle
Build lean muscle through functional strength training that will increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn more calories when you’re not in the gym.


balance & movement
Create a body that does not only look good but moves well with the balance and movement aspects of the workout.



Head Coach & Founder

Liz Lowe graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Education and is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Liz has always had a passion for athletics, which led her to compete at the NCAA Div. 1 level in track and field. After her track career she decided her passion lied with helping others accomplish their health and fitness goals. Liz has been personal training for eight years and most recently managed and created the workout programming for IMG Academies, Ignite 360 fitness facility.

In the past two years Liz’s workouts and training advice have started to get national attention and can be seen in Men’s Fitness Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, and

Duncan McKillop

Nichole Zych

Ken Campbell

Cynthia Connelly

Liz Lowe is
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