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Burn off What holds you back

High-Performance Small Group Workout Classes

HIIT Gym Sarasota

Intense Workouts

Scientifically proven HIIT workouts
High-Intensity Interval Training Coaches

Experienced Coaches

Individualized coach feedback
HIIT Gym, Supportive Community

Kickass Community

Be inspired and challenged

Health & fitness can be intimidating

Have an Injury, fear of failure, or confusion about where to start? You need a fitness program that works for you. One that helps you burn off what holds you back - both in and out of the gym.

Athletic Strength & Conditioning for Every Body

We'll set you up for success,
because failure sucks.

  • Ready-Made Full Body HIIT Workouts, New Everyday
  • High Energy, Small Group Training Classes
  • Clean facility with top-of-the-line Equipment
  • Exercises Modified to Your Ability Level
  • Assessment and Prevention of Injuries
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Meet your fitness goals with personalized feedback from our experienced coaches.

Liz Lowe

Nichole Zych

Shanna Zarrillo

Ken Campbell

Cynthia Connelly

Luke Billings


Ashley Bruce


Are you ready to level up?

1. Try A Free Class

Come in and try our unique High-Performance HIIT classes, meet the community, and get the full Scorch experience.

2. Coaching Session

Spend an hour with one of our experienced coaches. They’ll listen to your goals and create an individualized plan that will set you up for success. Because failure sucks.

3. Get Results

Receive personalized feedback at every workout. Our coaches make sure you’re pushing to the next level, burning everything and anything that stands in your way.


3 Reasons Scorch Workouts Make You Leaner & Stronger

The science behind why Scorch workouts will get you in the best shape of your life.
When I saw that a new gym had opened up on Clark Rd I thought- High Intensity Interval Training- what is that? Now, everyone knows what it is even though the owner, Liz knew a long time ago that this was the best possible way to get fit. Here I am, three years later, still looking forward to my workouts. Besides my gains in strength and endurance I have made some new friends. While the workouts are challenging, we still have fun together. Scorch is a place for everyone. No matter your fitness level, you will be helped and encouraged every step of the way. - member since Feb. 2016
Jane Garcia

Fitness is more than
your appearance or a
number on the scale.

Strength. Health. Confidence. That’s what transforms your life

At Scorch, you’ll burn more than just calories. Our proven HIIT workouts, personalized coach feedback and kick ass community will pave the way to burn off whatever is holding you back.
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